Dear Talitha

Dear Talitha

Take a deep breath with me.  

Smell the flowers….

Blow the candles….

It’s time to take that step forward. This next revolution around the sun is the RECLAIM. It’s time to reclaim those parts of yourself that were lost, stolen, and dead. It’s time for the take-back of your peace, your desire to dream, your joy, and all the things that make you imperfectly perfect. You are not done!

This season has felt dark, cold, and lonely. However, in the dark cold spaces is where the seed takes root. You see, the seed is in a state of dormancy before it is planted. It looks dead. But, inside the seed, there is an embryo waiting to be born. When it is watered, place at the right depth and temperature, what is inside will grow. It will grow in two directions one part of the embryo becomes the plant while the other part becomes the root.

Perhaps, this is what is happening. Perhaps, what needs to be brought out of you looks dead on the surface, but just requires water, depth, and the right temperature for growth. This season of planting and growing will eventually lead to the bloom/harvest. 

This process isn’t easy. It doesn’t feel good. It downright feels like death. It may feel endless and suffocating. It downright feels like death. But, when we think it’s the end it’s often the beginning. I know something beautiful is coming. You were meant to bloom, you were meant to be loved, you were meant to be cared for and appreciated.  

And so I ask,

What is inside of you that needs to be born?

So, “Talitha Koum” my friend “Girl I say to you rise up”. You are royalty and don’t you forget it. 

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