Dear Talitha

Dear Talitha,

Are you battling with the words that were said to you or of you? Words that hit so deep they cut inner parts of your soul and have left you questioning, rethinking, and reevaluating everything you thought you knew. Words that echo when no one is around?

I’ve heard them too. I heard them say, “It’s all your fault” “You didn’t do it the way I told you to.” ” You were too much” “You were not enough” “Why do you always have to be so honest?” “Liar!” “Give it time” “How could you give up” “You need to keep trying” ” You failed!!!!”

I don’t know who said these things to you. I don’t know who made you feel this way. Friend, I know these words hurt no matter who said them to you. I want to share with you what I have come to understand:

Those unedifying words hurt the most when we have already whispered them to ourselves!

Especially when we have done so over and over again. If we are anything alike, we have perhaps said these things to ourselves before hearing them said by someone else.

I whispered to myself over and over that I was a “failure and unwanted”. I said it to myself so much that I had made an agreement with myself that those words were true. I believed and agreed that it was true about me. I was “unwanted” I was a “failure”!

Then, someone spoke to them about me to me…..

And I was destroyed….

Has this ever been your experience?

Talitha, if this is you would you dare to venture with me to unmask the lies we have told ourselves? The lies that we once judged ourselves by? The lies that others have spoken and that we made agreements with?

The truth is these words only held weight and hurt because we have already judged ourselves according to those very words. As my very own judge and jury, I sentenced myself to years of mishandling my heart and mind space. Believing that I was undeserving of many things, isolating myself, pushing others away, all because I believed the words.

In my process, I began to ask myself why I believed these things to be true. Then it hit me, those words were lies!

Lies rooted in things I needed to process and work through. They weren’t truths.

The truth is we are more than enough, we were perfectly designed, we are a work in progress, and we are fully loved and seen but our Creator exactly as we are right now in this very moment as you read this. We are imperfectly perfect!

I pray that we see this reality and began to be impeccable with our words to ourselves. As a result, we will come to accept who we are. Then, in turn, we will be able to fully love ourselves and through this, we can discover the truth and we won’t believe the lie.

So, “Talitha Koum” my friend “Girl I say to you rise up”. You are royalty and don’t you forget it.

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