Dear Talitha

Dear Gena

This may be the last time I write to you for now. It’s only because…..

I miss you beyond reason. I miss you beyond anything I’ve ever felt. For 7 months I have suffered in your absence without a word from you. For 7 months I’ve held my breathe and forgotten to be present. I’ve been lost along with you. I’ve been hiding in your story. My mind is always somewhere else.

Today it hit me like a ton of bricks. I am mourning you. I never thought it possible to mourn someone who is still living. I am mourning the girl that was once was you. The one who sat at the top of the stairs when I came home and the one I tucked in every night. I am mourning the memories we were supposed to make. I am mourning the life I thought we would have.

But, part of the mourning/grieving processes is forgiving and letting go. So please forgive the broken parts of me that hurt the broken parts of you. I forgive you and I Love you. So, I release you butterfly go spread your wings. Hopefully, one day you will migrate back to me. One day hopefully you show me your beautiful wings. I’ll be here waiting but until then I have to breathe again…….

Love Mom

PS. Love you forever like you for always as long as I’m living my baby you will be.

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