Dear Gena

Dear Genesis,

10,713,600 seconds

178,560 minutes

2976 hours

124 days

17 weeks and 5 days

33.97% of 2021

Missing you…..

Photo credit: Walberto Miranda (Dad)


I’ve looked for you in all the old familiar places and then in places I’ve never searched before.

At the edge of my search, I realized you are not lost only hidden.

You, wildflower are hidden from the spaces, faces, and things you used to know.

Unseen in what feels like fields and fields of land between us

I pray that as the season changes

that the wind would carry the seeds of your heart

back to the meadow where you belong

where the wildflowers grow. 

My Free spirit.

Uncultivated by the mainstream.

My Independent thinker.

My Brave girl growing wild and free in a world plagued by conformity.

I miss you deeply..

Love Mom,

P.S. Love your Forever Like you for always

2 thoughts on “Dear Genesis,”

  1. We love you Gena. 💕 I know we may not be your everyday crowd but you are so loved. I remember the first time I heard you singing. It brought tears to my eyes. As I long to be as close to God as you sing for his glory. Come home Gena 🏡.


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