Dear Gena

Dear Genesis

Today makes 20 days that I haven’t seen or heard from you. You are missed by your brother, your father, your grandmother, your family and community. I want you to know, I miss you!

Yesterday while sitting alone in my thoughts I remembered something. I looked over to the picture sitting on our side coffee table. The picture of Mita, Wela, you and me. I look at the generations of women in that picture and I am reminded of each of our stories.

Mita’s story was of struggle, pain, heartache, love and so much inspiration. Wela’s story was one of sacrifice. She assumed the role of mother when I no longer had one. My story has also had many twist and turns and now your story is unraveling.

Behind that picture I hid a note. I wrote this note before you were even born. I guess I’ve been writing you notes your whole life. I’ve shared it with you once before. Today, I wanted to re-echo the words I wrote. I want it to be a reminder that, I loved you even before I even knew you.

Every piece of advice in this note is still true. The most important however, is the falling in love with Jesus. He is the reason Mita was able to overcome, that Wela became my mom, and that I became your mother. He is what will sustain you, guide you and bring you to a place of understanding.

Love Mom,

P.S. Love you forever, Like you for always.

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